Siberian Huskies of BlueFox - BlueFoxPhotography
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Irreplaceable Kody

I found Kody and Ice about to run onto a highway in Florida while on my way to buy horse feed. I had said I wouldn't have anymore Siberians but I guess they were meant to be. I knew Ice was pregnant and both of them were in horrific shape. You could feel Kody's backbone and when I first fed them, he was pushing his food towards Ice and would not eat. He soon found out that food here was unlimited. Covered in ticks and fleas on the outside and multiplied worms internally, we got them back to health and Ice had 7 healthy and beautiful 'wolfdog' pups 5 weeks later. Turns out Ice was a low content wolfdog. So, we now had a pack. We kept 3 pups and of course Ice and Kody. This was just over 10 years ago and while Kody, Ice and precious Cyrus have passed, we still have Natasha and Nikita. We had Ice and Kody 8 years and Cyrus just passed summer of 2017